Why Choose REDfrog Design?

We primarily focus on small to medium size businesses. Our objective is not to grow into a large design agency. We are efficient, practical and we’re not just in the business to make money. Sure, we need to be paid for our service but if we can’t help you to be successful with the service that we provide, then how can we expect you to continue working with us? It’s that simple!

We have a background in business, IT and design. Our target market are the small businesses that don’t want to mess with trying to do it on their own or have a tech-savvy relative through something up on WIX.

And why settle for something like a few web pages on a slow server that gets hit by malware every few months?

The struggle to have a real asset online for your business is too complex for most DIY types and you end up spending nearly what you would have for something that is really functional.

Consider Why You Want A Website And What A Website Can Actually Do

If all that you want is to convey that your business exists with a telephone number and an email address, then maybe all you are looking for is what is called a “Web Presence”

But, if you would like someone to com to your website, find enough information about what you offer to make contact with you, then that is a whole new ballgame!

What about the ability to show your products and services dynamically or convey current information?

What if you could leverage your online presence to automate many aspects of your business like making online appointments where you don’t even have to answer the phone?

That’s why we interview you and consult with you about your business before we even put pen to paper.

We know what is possible with technology and we understand business. If we can assess your needs and get into your world, we can better advise you on the type of website you may need and what back-end functionality may be useful in helping you to reduce costs, provide better customer service and ultimately help you to grow your business.

The efforts that are made up front in this holistic approach will payoff exponentially in the future!

What about the ability to show your products and services dynamically or convey current information?